Bike Fit

As commuters, cyclists and athletes, our bodies are constantly changing as a result of aging, injury, and crashes. With bicycling, movement is repetitive and can exemplify past injuries, poor biomechanics, or incorrect movement patterns, resulting in pain or new injuries.

Tory Royle, DPT at Rebound Sports & Physical Therapy and Zack Allison, certified bike fitter at Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies are partnering up for dynamic bike fitting services that are customized to your personal history. All pricing includes a consultation with Tori at Rebound, where we can proactively identify biomechanical issues or movement patterns that might prevent you from enjoying the bike or might cause issues down the line.

Through an open dialogue between you, Tori, and Zack, we help design a custom package for you that might include performance therapy sessions with Tori and a single or series of bike fits as you progress through any imbalances you might have or any injury you are recovering from. Our goal is to have you feel comfortable, balanced, powerful, and pain-free on the bike now and through all your adventures to come.

How do I know if I need a bike fit?

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, the answer is, YES you need a bike fit!

  1. Have you had a crash, accident, or injury in your past from cycling or otherwise?
  2. Do you have a nagging injury, discomfort, or stiffness while riding?
  3. Do you have any known discrepancies such as a favored leg or a scrunched shoulder?
  4. Do you want to see performance enhancement on the bike whether your goals are transportation, recreation, or competition?

Bike fits are truly for everyone!

Tori Royle received her doctorate in physical therapy from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. She has a variety of experience in the field, but the majority of the time has been spent in an orthopedic setting. She has taken coursework in the assessment and treatment of balance and vestibular disorders. In her free time Tori enjoys mountain biking, trail running, snowboarding, climbing and backpacking (basically anything outdoors).

Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies is dedicated to bringing the complete indoor cycling training facility to the athletes of Northern Colorado. With educated, well trained instructors, a rounded indoor cycling training class schedule, weights and gym equipment, certified bike fitting, performance testing, plyometric classes, yoga and motor pacing, we have what it takes to take your training to the next level even in the coldest, darkest months of winter and no matter your goals.
We offer bike fits through our certified bike fitter. Riding or racing bikes shouldn’t be painful! We look for you to be comfortable, efficient overall and more advanced riders will look for aerodynamics, for fantastic riding and racing and we do it all. We are able to do road, time trial, triathlon, mountain bike, cyclocross, gravel, and commuter fits. Read more on our bike fit philosophy and what to expect here.

Zack Allison earned his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science at Colorado State University. As part of his education, he participated in many hands on exercise science practicum and internships, coaching many types of athletes, specifically cyclists.

Zack’s affinity for cycling started at the early age of 14 racing on the east coast. He quickly moved up the amateur ranks to race on the elite national circuit. This level of competition sparked his interest in exercise science, taking him to Colorado State University. While racing for his alma-mater and on various amateur teams he saw many podiums at the Collegiate Championships and Pro/Am events. Zack is currently living in Fort Collins, Colorado and has raced for Elevate Pro Cycling and currently races for Clif Bar.

Growing up with great mentors and coaches, Zack has a goal of paying it forward. He hopes to use his education and racing experience to bring success to Source Endurance and his clients.  Zack also owns and operated the Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies, a training and bike fit studio in Fort Collins, CO.

Do you need a bike fit?

 If you’re interested in reducing pain or stiffness, maintaining wellness, restoring function, preventing recurrent injury and improved physical performance, we can help!